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FarmCo - Humics for Agricultural and Golf Related Applications
FarmCo - Humics for Agricultural and Golf Related Applications

MPXA Humic Based Agricultural Products

Commercial Uses of MPXA Humic Based Agricultural Products

MPXA® HumicBased Agricultural Products

MPXA® HumicBased agricultural products are stand-alone products designed to decrease the use of and/or replace products currently existing in the market both in agriculture and in fertilizer/micronutrient compounding plants. In compounding plant uses, MPXA® replaces EDTA-based chelating agents using only a fraction of the amount of EDTA normally used.

The following products are now being marketed to agricultural growers:

  • MPXA® HumicBased Pre-Plant Supplement: higher concentration for initial plant feeding or ground preparation.

  • MPXA® HumicBased Maintenance Supplement: used with each plant feeding so plants can more efficiently utilize food in warmer soil conditions.

  • MPXA® HumicBased Maintenance Plus Supplement: for increased efficiency and speed of results in cooler soil conditions.

The following product is marketed exclusively to fertilizer/compounding plants to be used as a complexing agent to replace current commonly used chelating agents such as EDTA.

  • MPXA® HumicBased Concentrated Complexing Additive: used in bulk compounding of micronutrients to ensure solubility and chelation in solution.

Unlike EDTA which produces a 40% - 50% chelated solution, MPXA® HumicBased Additive produces a 99+% chelated solution using only 1/700th the amount.

MPXA Humic Based Agricultural Products
MPXA Humic Based Agricultural Products
FarmCo - MPXA Humic Based Agricultural Products
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